• zaterdag 17 augustus
    Cricket golden oldies toernooi (datum onder voorbehoud)
  • zaterdag 17 augustus
    Voetbal nostalgic cup 1e elftal
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 09:45 uur
    Hermes DVS JO8-3 - MVV '27 JO8-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 10:45 uur
    Hermes DVS 4 - CWO 7
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:45 uur
    Hermes DVS JO9-1 - GLZ Delfshaven JO9-1
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 10:30 uur
    VFC JO9-5 - Hermes DVS JO9-3JM
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 09:10 uur
    HBSS JO7-1JM - Hermes DVS JO7-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:45 uur
    Hermes DVS JO11-4 - Quintus JO11-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 13:45 uur
    Wippolder JO17-2 - Hermes DVS JO17-3
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 12:00 uur
    Rozenburg 5 - Hermes DVS 3
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:30 uur
    Hermes DVS JO7-2 - Zwaluwen JO7-5
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 10:45 uur
    Hermes DVS JO15-1 - Brielle JO15-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:30 uur
    Meeuwenplaat JO13-1 - Hermes DVS JO13-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:30 uur
    Hermes DVS JO11-1 - Excelsior M JO11-3
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 09:45 uur
    LYRA JO8-2 - Hermes DVS JO8-1
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 10:30 uur
    Hermes DVS JO17-1 - Hellevoetsluis JO17-1
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 15:30 uur
    v.v. Hekelingen JO17-3 - Hermes DVS JO17-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:50 uur
    Hermes DVS JO7-2 - Sparta (AV) JO7-1
  • woensdag 28 februari, 19:15 uur
    Slikkerveer JO17-1 - Hermes DVS JO17-1
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 14:30 uur
    Ariston'80 VR3 - Hermes DVS VR1
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 09:00 uur
    VDL JO11-4 - Hermes DVS JO11-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 12:45 uur
    Hermes DVS JO16-1 - Neptunus-Schiebroek JO16-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:30 uur
    Hermes DVS JO8-2 - VDL JO8-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 15:00 uur
    FCB-HWD 2 - Hermes DVS 2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:30 uur
    Hermes DVS JO13-1 - Smitshoek JO13-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 14:00 uur
    Hermes DVS 5 - HBSS 8
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:30 uur
    PPSC MO11-1 - Hermes DVS JO11-3
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 15:00 uur
    BZC/Zuiderpark 1 - Hermes DVS 1
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:30 uur
    Hermes DVS JO13-3 - GLZ Delfshaven JO13-2
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 08:30 uur
    Hermes DVS JO9-2 - CWO JO9-3
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 14:30 uur
    Hermes DVS JO19-1 - CWO JO19-1
  • zaterdag 2 maart, 10:30 uur
    Vitesse Delft JO15-2 - Hermes DVS JO15-2

PSA Toernooi


Hello (PSA) squasher,

This season Hermes DVS celebrates its 140th anniversary. That’s why we organize a PSA Satellite tournament. You can request to enter our tournament, but your entry is only definitive after our email conformation As we want to keep last-minute withdraws to a minimum, our request is to read the following carefully. If you cannot meet these conditions, please reconsider your entry. When you already have registered your entry please let us know as soon as possible by a mail that you want to withdraw.


  • You can register by sending an email with your first and last name, your phone number and your PSA ranking to squash@hermesdvs.nl.
  • After an official confirmation by email from us your participation will be definite.
  • You must be available on Saturday from 10:00 till 18:00 hours and Sunday from 10:00 till 17:00 hours.
  • It is obligated that you will play for a final position (Monrad) or triple plate.
  • The PSA can give a penalty (monetary) for a withdraw without an official medical report from a doctor or physiotherapist.
  • The draw will be published on the Wednesday at 20:00 hours in the week of the tournament.
  • Withdraw after the draw must be done by phone or app contact. And must be confirmed by the organization.
  • It is mandatory to referee matches for the winner and loser of a match if requested by the Head Referee or organization. Please do not leave directly after your match and always inform the organization.
  • The entry fee is 27.50 euro. You must pay the entry fee before the closing date by bank.
  • Prize money will be in euro’s and paid by bank transfer after the price ceremony. It is mandatory to attend the prize ceremony in order to receive the prize money.

Winner ...... 1250 DOLLAR / 1140 EURO
Runner-up... 625 DOLLAR / 570 EURO
3rd ............ 375 DOLLAR / 342 EURO
Plate .......... 250 DOLLAR / 228 EURO
The numbers 1, 2, 3 and the plate winner are obligated to be present at the prize ceremony and the photo moment. Normally the prize ceremony is within 60 minutes directly after the end of the final.

Hermes DVS
Trimpad 12
3118 JJ Schiedam
The Netherlands

Invitation only. Monrad main tournament schedule or (triple) plate. So at least three matches. TRIPLE PLATE: If you lose your third match then you can be finished. Except when you will get a bye or you are playing for third place in the main tournament schedule or plate schedule.

Withdraw in the last week before the tournament must done with a call or a whatsapp message. We must confirm that we read the message, then you can be sure that we take action.

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