• vrijdag 22 september
    Hermes Open Golftoernooi
  • zaterdag 26 augustus
    Open voetbaltrainingsdag
  • maandag 28 augustus, 19:00 uur
    Hermes DVS JO15-1 - Sparta JO15-1
  • zondag 27 augustus, 14:00 uur
    Hermes-D.V.S. 1 - Kwekkercup (terrein VFC)
  • woensdag 30 augustus, 18:15 uur
    Hermes DVS JO11-1 - Rokeby School o11
  • woensdag 30 augustus, 00:00 uur
    Hermes-D.V.S. 1 - HBSS
  • woensdag 30 augustus, 19:15 uur
    Hermes DVS JO13-1 - Rokeby School o13
  • dinsdag 29 augustus, 19:00 uur
    Hermes DVS JO19-1 - MSV71 JO19-1
  • woensdag 30 augustus, 18:15 uur
    Hermes DVS JO11-2 - Rokeby School o11
  • donderdag 24 augustus, 20:00 uur
    Hermes-D.V.S. 1 - Kwekkercup (terrein VFC)

Cricket in The Netherlands – How’s that possible?

Many ex-pats and foreign students are pleasantly surprised to learn that their beloved game of cricket can also be played in Holland. Only a 15 minute drive from the centre of Rotterdam will take you to one of the oldest and biggest cricket clubs in Holland; Hermes-D.V.S, founded in 1884.

At Hermes-D.V.S., cricket can be played at various levels for both man and woman; from very social to competitive (the first teams play at the highest national level). Competitions are played on both Saturdays and Sundays, and a T20 competition is played on Friday evenings. If you like the game but don’t want to play during weekends, it is also possible to become a training member. At Hermes-D.V.S., where it is also possible to play soccer, squash and tennis, you are very welcome to attend one of the practice sessions in order to get a better view of the club, its members and facilities.

If you would like more information, please contact Jaco van Giezen.

Phone:                      06-13069558
E-mail:                      jvangiezen@senze-groep.nl

We are looking forward to meeting you at Hermes-D.V.S.!

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