• vrijdag 20 september
    15e Hermes Open Golf Toernooi

Olivier Elenbaas in tourselectie Nederland A naar Guernsey

Head Coach Ryan Campbell has announced his Netherlands A squad for the tour to Guernsey. They’ll be playing four T20’s from 4-7 June.

The following players have been selected:

Tobias Visée (captain/wk, HBS), Adam Wiffen (HCC), Vikram Singh (VRA), Saqib Zulfiqar (ACC), Pieter Seelaar (VOC), Hidde Overdijk (HCC), Musa Nadeem (Groen & Wit), Julian de Mey (HBS), Philippe Boissevain (VCC), Vivian Kingma (VCC), Brandon Glover (VCC), Tonny Staal (HCC), Olivier Elenbaas (Hermes DVS).

Coaching staff: James Hilditch and Chris Liddle

Ryan Campbell: “Our trip to Guernsey with our Netherlands A team is a very important one for us as it will give our players a great opportunity to push their case for selection firstly for our series against Zimbabwe but then ultimately for our World Cup Qualifiers in October. We know Guernsey will be tough opposition as they prepare themselves for their own shot at World Cup qualification. We are bringing what we believe is a very strong squad and the 4 matches should be a great spectacle.”

Bekijk de hele agenda

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